Opening Pool Services

If you need a professional Kansas City metro area pool opening company to prepare your swimming pool for the spring and summer, we're here to help. We provide pool opening services throughout the area, including most repairs necessary to get your pool running properly again.

An opening can mean as little as taking your cover off, starting up the equipment and then leaving you to shock the pool, add needed chemicals, vacuuming up debris and checking for leaks.

Opening your pool in the spring should be handled by professionals. After being unused throughout the long cold winter, improper startup of your pool can create damage including liner tearing, pump or filter damage, and cloudy water. We promise professional and reliable service so you can begin enjoying your pool as quickly as possible.

Our Pool Opening Services Include:

  • Turn power on
  • Remove, clean, fold and store cover on-site
  • Hose deck to remove dirt and debris
  • Clean pool cover
  • Drain and fold water bags (if applicable)
  • Remove winter plugs
  • Vacuum to waste pool to remove debris (if needed)
  • Install return jets, skimmer baskets
  • Start up pool motor and pumps
  • Start heater. Turn off if customer in not ready to use.
  • Turn on and inspect pool lights
  • Inspect system for leaks
  • Check pool chemicals and shock pool
  • Install ladders and rails
Opening Pool After Winter

If necessary, we include a follow-up call to be sure your pool has progressed in the right direction. In cases where the pool requires more than 2 visits, we will give you an estimated cost to continue to prepare your pool for use.

What you will need to have ready. . .

  • Access to all pool equipment
  • Pool accessories laid out for installation
  • Accessible water from outdoor tap
  • Pool filled to appropriate level
  • Electrical power supply switches accessible
  • Pets inside
  • Unlocked gate
Cleaning Pool