Pool Liners

Choosing A Vinyl Liner

Liners come in all sorts of patterns and colors. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Liner’s colors begin fading after 3 seasons, or so, and
  • Dark liners are poor choices for pools without lights (unsafe during evening swims).

You can help a liner not fade by not running your chlorine levels any higher than needed. Also you can install an ionizer (see our section on ionization) or UV system to help disinfect your pool and reduce chlorine significantly and extend the color life of the liner.

Liners come in 2 basic thicknesses, 20 mil (standard) and 27 mil (thicker). The obvious difference between the two is that the 27 mil is thicker, and less prone to accidental punctures. The 27 mil is recommended for pools where there will be lots of kids swimming, where rough play and lots of activity are common. The 20 mil is fine for most pools that have standard usage.

There is actually no difference in life-expectancy of the 20 mil and the 27 mil liners. The most common failure of both is sun rot along the tile line. You can expect either thickness to last about 10 seasons if the chemicals are taken care of properly.

The 27 mil cost more to purchase and are harder to install. Therefore, expect a cost difference of about 40-50% between a 20 and 27 mil liner. Also, 20 mil liners stretch more so they fit better on every pool.

Vinyl Liner Replacement Involves. . .

  • Measuring for the new liner
  • Removal of the old liner
  • Prep on pool walls and pool base once the old liner is removed
  • Installing the new liner
  • We also replace skimmer plate(s) and gaskets, return jet seal ring fittings on wall. Main drain seal ring and gaskets, and new main drain cover.

A Newly Installed Pool Liner

A Newly Installed Pool Liner

Popular Pool Liner Patterns

There are many styles and patterns to choose from. We will be happy to drop off a sample book for you to select your new liner from.


'Fraser' Pattern Pool Liner


'Hawthorne' Pattern Pool Liner


'Charmichael' Pattern Pool Liner

You may also reference our supplier's websites to learn more about liners and available patterns.

An Old Badly Faded Pool Liner

An Old Badly Faded Pool Liner

A Newly Installed 'Charmichael' Pattern Pool Liner

A Newly Installed 'Charmichael' Pattern Pool Liner