Safety Covers

Your first priority as a swimming pool owner is to maintain a safe environment around your pool. Safety Pool Covers can be custom made to fit any size or shape pool, as well as any pool obstructions. We are proud to offer our quality line of safety pool covers and are pleased to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with every safety cover ordered.

Fitted Standard Mesh Cover

Pool Covered With Fitted Standard Mesh
Pool Covered With Fitted Standard Mesh

Fitted standard mesh is the cover we most commonly recommend. This is the one that looks like a trampoline. It stretches drum-tight across the pool and acts as a safety cover also, since it will support the weight of a human or pet that might venture out onto the cover. With this cover you will need to add chlorine underneath it a few times during the off-season. Otherwise, since it lets in rain and some sunlight, you will have a bad case of algae in the spring if you do nothing during the months of in-activity. It is great for looks, because water does not puddle up on it and leaves do not pile up either. They blow off when the wind blows.

Fitted Solid Cover

This is another good choice. It is an expensive cover fitted to your pool with straps that secure to anchors drilled into the deck. The beauty of this cover is if you close the pool in good shape for the winter, then it will open in good shape without adding chemicals under the cover during the off-season. Some bad features: this cover--being solid—puddles up rain water. If you do not pump it off, the water stagnates and smells. Also, pets, rodents, and children can drown on these covers if water puddles up. Leaves also need to be netted off, as they will not just blow across like on a fitted mesh cover. Also, when (not if) these covers develop holes or become worn, rain water on the surface seeps into the pool water underneath and cause staining and algae conditions.

Water Bag Solid Cover

A water bag solid cover is an inexpensive rectangular tarp held down by water tubes or water boxes. It is not form fitted to your pool. The advantages/disadvantages are the same as for the fitted solid cover (above). The exception is they last only a season or two before they become ineffective in keeping out rain water. We find they are so cheaply made any more, that Heschmeyer Pools will no longer sell this type of cover. Additionally, they look very tacky. They are an eyesore in the center of your backyard for months at a time.

Hybrid Solid Mesh Cover

Hybrid solid-mesh covers are expensive fitted covers that are anchored to the pool deck. They are mostly solid material, with a mesh panel in the middle to allow for rain water to flow into the pool and not puddle on top. There are really no advantages to this type of cover. It is usually the most expensive, and you get neither the advantages of a solid cover nor the advantages of a mesh cover. They are simply a marketing product to bring in money for cover companies.