Weekly Pool Services

Residential Customers

Weekly residential pool maintenance consists of checking water chemistry, pool cleaning, and filtration. Turn your weekly swimming pool service headaches over to us and you can eliminate those confusing, expensive, frustrating trips to pool stores trying to figure out which chemicals to buy. We will come to your pool once or twice a week; we offer both options, while the pool is open.

Commercial Customers

For our Homes Associations, public schools, and apartment customers, Heschmeyer Pools offers daily and multiple weekly plans to keep your pool in compliance with municipal codes. Our staff, through years of experience, has a professional working relationship with the inspectors from the cities of Kansas City, Overland Park and Johnson County Environmental Services. In addition to the services below, we will keep chemical reading logs as per their respective requirements.

Our Weekly Services Include:

  • Check water level
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Net pool surface
  • Brush walls and steps, as needed
  • Vacuum pool
  • Clean pool Sweep bag (if available)
  • Test water chemistry
  • Add pool chemicals, as needed
  • Backwash sand filters. Clean DE and cartridge filters as needed.
  • Check and empty pump strainer basket
  • Inspect pool for needed repairs

Weekly Pool Service